“We decided to take a field trip…to see how black resistance is lived”

—Besenia, Traveller

The travelers conceived of their journey to Cuba through their participation in a Black Resistance Reading Group. We were inspired by the fact that literacy and education have been important sources of empowerment for people of African descent throughout the world. Our diverse group met once every two weeks to discuss books about the politics and cultures of anti-racist movements throughout the African diaspora. Through our reading and discussions, we connected the history of black resistance to our present-day concerns about and struggles with racism, sexism, classism and homophobia. We also found community and solidarity in one another. You can start your own Black Resistance Reading Group with the readings, films and music we’ve recommended, which can be found at your local public library, African American bookstore or the Progressive Pupil on-line store. A portion of the proceeds from your on-line purchases will help support the production of our next documentary, Diasporic Underground, about the social movements for African liberation and black power. Tell us about your reading group on our Facebook page.